Piero Dorazio, aquatique du livre New Jersey / Texte de Ruggero Orlando

Enrico Castellani - Piero Dorazio

Relievs on paper, artists' book and acquatintes
printed by Franç Lafranca between 1970 and 1989
Vernissage Saturday 8 September form 11 until 16 h, Ateliers Lafranca
Exhibit only until 31 March 2019

François Lafranca, lavori su carta, sculture. / Museo Regionale Centovalli e Pedemonte, intragna. Inaugurazione venerdì 24 agosto 2018 ore 18.00

François Lafranca Paperworks and sculture

Museo Regionale Centovalli e Pedemonte, CH 6655 Intragna
Inauguration Friday 24 August 2018, 18.00
Introduction of Dalmazio Ambrosioni
Exhibit until 28 October 2018
Finissage with F-ChamberJazz 28.10.2018 at 16.00

OPERA RECENTE 2017 Sculptures et Temperas de François Lafranca Ateliers Lafranca 30.9.2017 - 31.3.2018

Recent works

Sculptures and Temperas of François Lafranca
Inauguration 30 September 2017 from 11 until 16 h
Exhibit until 31 March 2018

Details of engravings published by Editions Lafranca (1966-1989)

Tempus Fluit, Ateliers Lafranca

Collinasca, CH 6683 Cerentino
100 years of Dada : Jean Arp - Hans Richter
Featuring three other artists : Gottfried Honegger - Max Frisch - Peter Stein
Exhibition from 1 October 2016 until 31 March 2017
Opening: Saturday 1.10.2016 from 11 to 16 h

Sculptures and Photos by François Lafranca at the Tramdepot

Traumdepot, Bern STEIN & MALEREI

Tramdepot Burgenziel / Thunstrasse 104-106 CH 3000 Bern
www.traumdepot 2016.ch
In 2 very large halls, sculptures and pictures by 39 artists \
From 11 September until 6 November 2016

2015-4 Detail of the large relief with stones

Recent Artwork Ateliers Lafranca, Collinasca

Collinasca, CH-6683 Cerentino
From August 2015 till March 2016
2015 Reliefs, Temperas and Photographs
From previous years:
Small and large sculptures, Artis's books.
Some Artworks from the Editions Lafranca:
Bonfanti, Castellani, Honegger, Richter.

Book page of the LE CATENE 1975-8

Le Catene Palazzo comunale, Cevio

Via del Pretorio 4, 6675 Cevio
From 4 October 2015 till 28 February 2016
Monday-Tuesday 14:30-17:30, Wednesday-Friday 8:30-11:30
Pages from the Artist's book LE CATENE 1975, with texts by Plinio Martini and engravings by François Lafranca (in the staircase).
Other works, also by Gianfredo Camesi, in the building.

1993-8 Relief-A 22 x 20 cm

Dialogue Gunma Museum of Art, Japan

Hinata-cho 2003 Tatebayashi 374-0076 Japan
from 20 December 2014 till 5 April 2015
15 reliefs and a sculpture by François Lafranca, jointly with pictures by Ben Nicholson and sculptures by Barbara Hepworth in a museum room.
Other exhibiting artists: Genikiro Inokuma, Paul Klee, Richard Long, Taiji Matsue, Andy Warhol, Nagai Kazumasa, Mauren Kolomar.

1998-2001-1 Amphibolite

Affluents du Temps Spazio Arauco

Via dell'Acqua 27 CH 6648 Minusio-Locarno
GNOMON-OGLIÈ 1998 - 2001 (illustration).
Photographs of the GANA NEGRA, rocks reaching to the sky.
Book OCÉANS DU CIEL, text by Zhuangzi (350 avant J.C.): space and time.

Entrance to Villa Ciani exhibition, Lugano

Róng Triennale di Milano / Villa Ciani, Lugano Musée du Louvre, Paris

2013 - 2014
HANDMADE IN HANGZHOU with the PINWU group, craftpersons and designers from Hangzhou, China.
With English and Chinese catalogue.