Recent exhibitions


Details of engravings published by Editions Lafranca (1966-1989)

Tempus Fluit, Ateliers Lafranca

Collinasca, CH 6683 Cerentino100 years of Dada : Jean Arp – Hans RichterFeaturing three other artists :Gottfried Honegger – Max Frisch – Peter SteinExhibition from 1 October 2016 until 31 March 2017Opening: Saturday 1.10.2016 from 11 to 16 h

Sculptures and Photos by François Lafranca at the Tramdepot

Traumdepot, Bern STEIN & MALEREI

Tramdepot Burgenziel / Thunstrasse 104-106 CH 3000 Bernwww.traumdepot In 2 very large halls, sculptures and pictures by 39 artists From 11 September until 6 November 2016

2015-4 Detail of the large relief with stones

Recent Artwork Ateliers Lafranca, Collinasca

Collinasca, CH-6683 CerentinoFrom August 2015 till March 20162015 Reliefs, Temperas and PhotographsFrom previous years:Small and large sculptures, Artis's books.Some Artworks from the Editions Lafranca:Bonfanti, Castellani, Honegger, Richter.

Book page of the LE CATENE 1975-8

Le Catene Palazzo comunale, Cevio

Via del Pretorio 4, 6675 CevioFrom 4 October 2015 till 28 February 2016Monday-Tuesday 14:30-17:30, Wednesday-Friday 8:30-11:30Pages from the Artist's book LE CATENE 1975, with texts by Plinio Martini and engravings by François Lafranca (in the staircase).Other works, also by Gianfredo Camesi, in the building.

1993-8 Relief-A 22 x 20 cm

Dialogue Gunma Museum of Art, Japan

Hinata-cho 2003 Tatebayashi 374-0076 Japanfrom 20 December 2014 till 5 April 201515 reliefs and a sculpture by François Lafranca, jointly with pictures by Ben Nicholson and sculptures by Barbara Hepworth in a museum room. Other exhibiting artists: Genikiro Inokuma, Paul Klee, Richard Long, Taiji Matsue, Andy Warhol, Nagai Kazumasa, Mauren Kolomar.

1998-2001-1 Amphibolite

Affluents du Temps Spazio Arauco

Via dell'Acqua 27 CH 6648 Minusio-Locarno2014-2015GNOMON-OGLIÈ 1998 - 2001 (illustration).Photographs of the GANA NEGRA, rocks reaching to the sky.Book OCÉANS DU CIEL, text by Zhuangzi (350 avant J.C.): space and time. Recent TEMPERAS and RELIEFS.

Entrance to Villa Ciani exhibition, Lugano

Róng Triennale di Milano / Villa Ciani, Lugano Musée du Louvre, Paris

2013 - 2014HANDMADE IN HANGZHOU with the PINWU group, craftpersons and designers from Hangzhou, China.With English and Chinese catalogue.